Murex MX3 environment-management and more.

With MXENV you can manage and monitor your Murex-environments. It integrates well with existing systems, adds to the offerings of Murex-vendor and helps you to run Mx.3 better.


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Murex Mx.3 is a financial software developed by French software house Murex.

When implementing Murex-software, a lot of time and money goes into the customization of the system. It is extremely flexible, but it can become very difficult to keep a large number of development- and test-environments in sync with the golden environment or production.

Incorrectly build environments lead to wasted time for developers and testers and deployment issues are difficult to spot. Configuration-Management has historically not been a strongpoint of MX3.

MXENV helps to build and automate tasks in an Murex environment, without having to hardcode any specific values into individual scripts, making it flexible to run in exactly the same way in any Murex-environment and avoid any manual errors and speeding up the process.

MXENV also helps to integrate Murex into any existing Application Monitoring System/APM or comes bundled with its own.

MXENV also helps with performance monitoring, collects long-term metrics and supports re-sizing and migration efforts by making all the collected data available in beautiful dashboards.

Key features

Environment Management

  • Create environment from source (golden, production, etc)
  • Add user to group
  • Broadcast message to all logged-in users of an environment
  • Run housekeeping routine and clean-up directory structure
  • Start/Stop the environment


  • Check Heap Space (Java Memory checks)
  • Check MxML (mandatory tasks and flow-sheets)
  • Check Queue Depth of ErrorQueues and OSP
  • Handle Corefiles - monitor, process and alert support team
  • Datecheck (different dates in Murex Mx.3)
  • Collect and historize housekeeping metrics (recommended database-queries)
  • MIDENTITY check
  • MLC check
  • Usecasemonitoring

End of Day

  • Create EOD Configuration (for commercial scheduler, e.g. AutoSys)



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